Thursday, June 30, 2011

No closer in close to 3 months

All we have learned is that I am...wait for it...perfectly fine. Except that I'm overweight. Way to go! Do you think we don't own a scale, or do you think I am just stupid? I mean really. Do you think that we aren't already trying to address that, or are we just going on as normal? We are waiting for my urine to turn bright red again. Thing is, it's hard to tell the color by a small sample diluted down so I can find a bright red sample. It's crazy. We are "treating me symptomatically" but my symptoms are being treated in a really crappy fashion. Day by day the pain isn't remotely close to nothing. About a 5 every day. Down from 8. Definately not around acceptable. Sleep isn't there either, but it comes with the pain. A month ago I was under the direct care of 4 doctors. After follow ups, I am now under the care of 2. One I have another appt with next week, and he will be gone, providing everything is normal; since it's cardiology, I hope they would have told us by now if it wasn't. The second is the one who is "treating me symptomatically" and I think he has no other ideas at all.