Thursday, July 7, 2011

I just can't build it today, I'm just too tired

Words of wisdom from my favorite news anchor and politician, Stephen Colbert. It is sad that I get my news from there, but I love him.

That being said (has nothing to do with this), am I the only one who doesn't like talking politics/ religion/ issues/ pop culture because 9 times out of 10 my odd viewpoint doesn't get respected. I was asked to sign a petition protesting the recall of a school newspaper because of an article, and was called homophobic when I wanted to see the article first. Another thing, if someone doesn't understand my viewpoint, instead of asking me, they ask my mom to clarify. Which she can't do, since she isn't me, and her attempts usually just make me look stupider, since I interject and they interject in my explanation. I see a hole in someone's argument, which is like shooting themselves in the foot credibility wise, and jump into it, and never get to finish what I was saying. People don't understand why I talk so loudly. Well:
1) my dad is hard of hearing, and sometimes you have to yell to his face for him to hear you
2) if I want to talk, I have to talk over someone, since people talk over me. Its just the dynamic we speak in on my dad's side of the family. Whomever talks the loudest gets to speak. On my mom's side it's the second anyone under 20 talks, the subject is immediately changed. Sometimes we get lucky and my grandma will make people listen. I was saying something about the Casey Anthony trial the other day, and all I was saying was that it is all a huge mess that is near impossible to understand, and that the most fair outcome would be a hung jury so it could be tried again. it turned into me getting nothing in edgewise, and me ultimately just leaving. Nobody understanding a damn thing I said.
3) honestly, it's a free country and I can talk as loudly as I want to. I'm not screaming. If you don't like it, don't listen.

Oh, yeah and being harassed is totally my fault for misinterpreting. Yeah. My fault. I'm sick and tired of dealing with this bullshit.