Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Becoming not stupid

Okay, so I am an incurable procrastinator. School starts in a week, still have approximately half a crapload (yes, that is a unit of measure) of work to do. I can get it done. It's for English class.

This semester I'm in psychology, AP English, Algebra II, Orchestra, Medical Dental (medical science class), and Physiology. Pretty easy and working schedule.

Meds adjusted, doing good but I'm flaring a little. Insomnia from it. Maybe I can get some of that crap done. Who knows? All I know is that this year I will prove that I am sick, not stupid. Then in college I will prove that I am sick, not stupid. I know I am sick, not stupid. I'm working on proving that to the world.

Oh yeah, and a part time job would be nice too. I'm thinking people greeter. Somewhere that I can go in my wheelchair at. Downside: I am petrified of running into family that are unsupportive.