Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New updates are fun!

Well, we have finally found where we're going next! I have an appointment with a pediatric rheumatologist in February. Not that bad, about a month and a half from now, but I really wish we could have gotten in earlier! I have never felt like we truly ruled out anything rheumatologic since the rheumatologist I saw just thought it was tendinitis from the violin that I hadn't touched in months. Yeah, thanks dude. I'm not totally convinced that it is a rheumatologic problem, I think it is probably neurological, but this doctor comes very highly reccomended, so hopefully he has an answer. If he doesn't, we probably will end up waiting forever to get into the Cleveland Clinic. But, this new rheumatologist doesn't need special insurance approval, for me to be able to get in there, which means that we don't have to wait a month for them to tell me they will cover it. It took them forever to approve a Fabry's disease enzyme test, so that is where we are at.

I'm taking another huge AP biology test today, so hopefully I do good on it! If I don't get at least a B, then I'm in deep crap. I think we figured out my testing problem, and I think I'm going to do fine. Turns out, the bio book's CD in the back actually helps you with bio! *headdesk* Can't believe I didn't figure that out in the first place.

Looking forward to this week, which is intensely busy!

Tomorrow or Thursday, my mom and I need to go and get me some shoes and both of us are going to look at some dressy type shirts (neither of us really have dressy type shirts) and in my everlasting battle to make my family understand that just because I'm sick doesn't mean I have to look the part (the only bad thing is then they actually think I'm not sick, which results in the "you don't need your cane" conversations) I will be doing my hair (which needs a bit of a trim by the way. Just looks a bit long when straightened.) a day or two before our Christmas Eve gathering. Then, the 23rd, I am going to my grandma's house to help her do some cooking, then I'm coming back on Christmas Eve morning to do the same (still can't sleep well enough to feel comfortable there all night) and then we have our family party that night. Then, as Christmas is a religious holiday, midnight mass (I will get trampled at 4:30 on Christmas Eve if we were to go then, and mornings + me+ the exhaustion I will probably be feeling+ needing to go somewhere that involves effort= reciepe for the world to explode. Of course I will be taking half a Skelaxin with my neurontin starting with my midday dose on the 23rd, through Christmas Morning (probably taking a whole one after mass) to prevent excessive pain for me which will cause my family to have to deal with my bitchyness, so it's a win-win situation.

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