Friday, February 18, 2011

What you are saying is reasonable

My valentines day was actually quite nice. I saw a new rheumatologist. He came highly recommended and I can tell why! He listened to my ENTIRE medical history! By the time I get to the severity of pain I usually get "psych case. Go see a psychiatrist." (which I've done by the way) but he said something to me after I got through my entire history that nobody, even the best doctors I've seen, have said. He looked me straight in the eye and said "what you are saying is perfectly reasonable". When doing the physical exam, he took one look at the big, purple stretch marks on my arms and abdomen and told me that was abnormal and that we need to see an endocrinologist. We've mentioned this to doctors before, and me being overweight they assume it is from that. I've had these all my life. I haven't been overweight all my life. We are waiting for the endocrinologist to call back, but I feel so good now!

My personal suspicion is Cushing's. it makes sense. So happy!

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  1. Always a good feeling to know that a doc is really listening and 'on to something'. I'm glad you found someone to really take you seriously and that you'll get things sorted as they should be. :)