Saturday, March 12, 2011

Response to Feisty Kitten

This is in response to Feisty Kitten.

I get the "blood is thicker than water" thing. Although what my aunt did to me a few years ago was not on the same planet as almost killing my mom, it is still traumatizing to me.

A few years ago, I got very sick. 2 weeks of a 104 degree fever, followed by two weeks of vomiting my guts out. During the fevers, my aunt would call my mom and tell her to send me to school, that I was exaggerating and faking. One- how the hell do you fake a 104 degree fever and two- they won't let you to school with a fever. We tried to explain two to her, but she couldn't get it through her thick head. Then, in the second week of vomiting, she called and talked to ME. She asked me how I felt, and my response was "pretty crappy". This sent her on a tirade of "you will die if you think like that". To this day, every time somebody asks how I feel, that scenario runs through my head, and it makes me say "fine" or "good" every time. Even with non-judgmental people. My parents get an honest answer. Nobody else does. I think I can forgive her for what she did, but she has harassed me off of facebook, which was my decision. I unfriended and blocked her like my dad said when she began harassing my parents and telling them that they were teaching me to run away when times get tough (they taught me not to take shit from others). Now, I have loads of relatives I cannot contact. Friends I can't contact. All because she couldn't stop harassing me. And she guilted my grandmother into taking responsibility for her actions. She clearly sees no boundaries. My dad and his brother think before speaking. My dads sister and brother speak, then might think. With the aunt in question, I dont think she ever thinks. Since I got sick, FB has been my social lifeline. Now I have to recede into my own type of hiding. I saw her last Sunday. I would not hug her. I would not talk to her. I just glared. I might be able to forgive. It's going to be on my own schedule, though. Yes she is family. I'm not taking this from anybody though. She has never had the courage to apologize to my face for all she has done. She just keeps doing it. Hopefully by Easter things will calm down. I'm not doing this anymore just because she is family.

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  1. I firmly stand by what I say. Family is what you make it, not what you're born into. I know plenty of people with downright evil or abusive family. Thats not family!